New Year Aigents News

Indeed, good news don’t come alone. There are many advances in Aigents project have happened very recently.

Primarily, the Aigents Android version has been not only upgraded but made open source as well. All latest fixes and improvements to Aigents engine have been incorporated into Aigents Android version 1.4.0 as free edition and professional edition. The important change is that “SMS-text alerts to friends” option has been disabled due to policy restrictions imposed by Google. Also, the integration with social networks and personal social graph analytics for Android version is still on its way. The sources are available on GitHub so the code may be inspected.

Moreover, multiple improvements have been made to Aigents Server and Desktop version 1.4.4 made open source last year, available on GitHub as well released to Aigents Web Demo site at

First, we have login and authentication simplified so you can let Aigents memorise your session simply providing answers in free text instead of using Aigents Language, which you still can do, if you like. To try it, just get in touch with Aigents bot for Facebook Messenger or AigentsBot on Telegram.

Second, we have enabled automation of bot creation for every Aigents user. In fact, you can easily create your Aigents-based bot for Telegram running anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or web-server in the cloud. To do that, you can simply register your bot token with Telegram as usual and let your Aigents application to know that in chat mode. To do so, just enter in the chat “Your telegram token <token_value>” and your personal smartphone, tablet, desktop or web-server will start serving as Telegram bot for your needs. Note, that you won’t be able to do this on Aigents Web Demo site at which is serving default AigentsBot on Telegram now. Mode details on how to educate your Aigents Telegram bot will be announced later.

Third, the PDF support for parsing web documents that has been awaited for so long time is finally in place — so one can monitor PDF documents online and extract information from them with Aigents. The Apache PDFBox technology is employed for that so if you are building or running Aigents starting version 1.4.4, make sure that you have respective jar deployed as stated in the Aigents README.

Fourth, the new “latent search” is available for users of Aigents bot on Facebook Messenger or AigentsBot on Telegram, it can be also used in “Chat” mode in any Aigents application. It makes possible to search for any topic or any pattern on either particular web site or in short-term memory of Aigents application or server. For example, say something like “search fake news in” on chat with Aigents bot and it will do the search on the site and bring the latests findings back to you. Or you can simply ask to search for something of your interest like “search oil price” and the latest news on the matter, if present in the Aigents short-term memory based on current configuration of “Topics” and “Sites” will be delivered to you with appropriate links.

Fifth, you can use Aigents chat to alert your friends connected with you on Aigents — if they have either email configured and email notifications allowed or they are connected with Aigents on Telegram — they should also have accepted to get updates from you on email tab. To do so, just tell to Aigents something like “alert email text alert from your friend” in the Chat and your friend will be alerted with the text.

Finally, we have reworked the email notifications/digests per site/domain based on your search preferences, so if you have email notifications enabled or have connection with Aigents on Telegrams, all news feeds based on your “Topics” and “Sites” currently selected will be coming straight to your email inbox or Telegram that.

More to come soon, including ability to construct semi-intelligent bots right on your personal device powered with Aigents, deeper integration with Facebook Messenger and Slack bots and personal social analytics on the chat groups and channels.



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