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Since the intake of the Aigents project it has been exclusive prerogative of AI agents (i.e. “news generation robots”) to create news items to be fed into the AI-generated news feeds of users to undergo collaborative filtering by means of collective intelligence and further get delivered to private chats with Aigents bots in favourite messengers. The change is introduced with the Aigents 1.8.0 release, where every user can create news of their own manually, so the news are used in multiple ways, as discussed further.

Creating news offering inAigents Web Demo at by user manually.

First, the news items are delivered to the “followers” of the users in their Aigents news feeds as well as in their favourite messengers via Aigents bots, as it normally happens to AI-generated content.

Second, the artificial intelligence (AI) engine behind the user interface learns on the input in the same way as it learns on the AI-generated news being “checked” by user when they provide conventional feedback.

Third, the RSS is automatically generated from the user news input if they have RSS channel set up for their account.

RSS automatically generated from default demo user “Siberian Madmind” at Aigents Web Demo site as

There are two ways to create the news items. First, you can just input the text of the news item in the input field of the Aigents Web Demo in the “News” view and hit the “+” button. Second, you can hit the “+” button when the input field is blank and you will be prompted to fill the text of the news and provide URL for that.

To understand if your content is being shared to your connections, there is one simple idea to get in mind. The person A (like you) and the person B (like your friend) may have 4 different relationships in respect to the news that they can create and share to each other.

  1. A shares his/her news to B (A is open to B)
  2. A trusts B enough to consume news shared from the one (A is follower of B)
  3. B shares his/her news to A (B is open to A)
  4. B trusts A enough to consume news shared from the one (B is follower of A)

The options 1 and 2 above are set in the “Friends” view of person A, for each of B in the list individually. The options 3 and 4 are set on the side of B, respectively. The settings are done with the two checkboxes for every person.

That mean, if you want someone to have your news delivered, you need to “share” to that particular person while the person should have “trust” in your regard. For both purposes, each of you should have each other in the “Friends” list. To do so, you just need name and surname of each other or know respective email address or identifier in a social network. Then, just go to “Friends” view, hit “+” button, input all what you know about each other and hit “Ok” to get instantly connected and adjusts your “trust” and “share” relationships with those checkboxes.

The following video demonstrates the process of creating and sharing news, including the process of establishing connections between those who provide the content and those who consume the content.

Thanks for staying tuned with Aigents project and expect getting more news in our media channels across the virtual Universe :-) as follows:



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