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Aigents with Anton Kolonin
2 min readApr 1, 2019


As the “intelligence is the ability to reach complex goals in complex environments given limited resources” (according to Ben Goertzel) and since we have limited resources (CPU, network bandwidth and memory) already, we want to make environment of Aigents AI as complex as possible to make intelligence to emerge.

Here is the next step — integrating multiple social media communication channels with adaptive monitoring and information extraction from the online media in the Aigents 1.6.0 open source release.

Aigents 1.6.0 release now includes group/channel chat monitoring for group chats on Telegram — like it already does for any of Web sites ad pages on user’s preference.

The Aigents AI pattern matching and extraction engine combined with machine learning on personal preferences as well as explicit and implicit social collaboration makes further selection of the content on in your news feeds, making available for further graph analysis and RSS feed syndication.

Just add your own Aigents bot to any Telegram group chat and get instant notifications on any messages matching your interests with private chat, Facebook Messenger or email and in the Aigents standard news feed like one on the Aigents Web Demo.

For the demo, use AigentsBot on Telegram— release is still in “alpha testing” phase so any feedback is welcome.

Now, you can try set up your own Aigents AI server on your own hosting or even on your own desktop.

Very soon, this feature it will come to our Android mobile versions with more support for other messengers.

Stay tuned for updates with our Aigents Facebook Community.



Aigents with Anton Kolonin

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