Aigents on Messengers — Monitoring and Searching Web Sites and Group Chats

How do you handle tens to hundreds of Web sites and channels or group chats on Slack and Telegram? Do you miss important information updates, mute or ignore potentially valuable conversations? Do you want to handle that with an intelligent assistant tracking all that for you?

Aigents can do all that for you now. At least, it tries its best and gets better and better with every version update.

Aigents integrating Web monitoring with tracking chats on Messengers with instant alerting and searching.

The latest Aigents release integrates latent Web search monitoring and information extraction with integration across multiple Messengers such as Facebook, Slack and Telegram. That is, the information updates found on your Web pages of interest accordingly to your preferences and configured targets can be directed to any of the three Messengers, as well to your personal news feed on the Aigents site or your email. In addition to that, you can add Aigents bot for Telegram or Aigents bot for Slack to any of your channels of group chats in these Messenger to get monitoring of the group conversations working for your team sam way as it is woking for Web sites, like it is shown in the following video.

Aigents News Bots across Messengers for Facebook, Telegram and Slack — video

The first thing to do is go to Aigents Web site, register with your email and set-up your preferences and then add Aigents bot for Telegram, Aigents bot for Slack or Aigents Bot for Facebook Messenger in any of these Messengers. The following picture shows how to find the buttons to do that in the top-right corner of the Aigents Web site.

Adding any of the Messengers from Web site.

Alternatively, you can go straight to any of the Messengers, find and add Aigents bot for Telegram, Aigents bot for Slack or Aigents Bot for Facebook Messenger right there and register in the Messenger. Note that you will need to provide your email address just in case it can be used to link all of your account records across different Messengers and on Aigents Web site together. The following picture shows registration process — you just need to specify email and secret question with secret answer.

Registering with Aigents Bot on Messenger

You can manage the sites of your interest to monitor as well as topic of your interest and view all of your current news inside the bot. User “help” directive to learn more about Aigents bot capabilities. On of them is interactive search in the news feeds, which is started with “search” directive — use “help search” to get more information on this.

Once you have Aigents bot in a Messenger, you can add it to any of your channels or group chats — it will start monitoring the content in the same way as it is monitoring Web sites, based on your preferences and search targets. Whenever some relevant content is published to group/channel by anyone, the information will be extracted, summarised and delivered to you as alert in any of the three Messengers as a private message or via email — based on your configuration of notifications. For more details on Web monitoring setup, see our earlier publication.

Adding Aigents bot to group or channel for content monitoring and extraction.

You can individually configure notifications for your email or any of the three Messengers saying like “my email notification true” to turn it on or “my email notification false” to turn it off. For notifications on the Messengers, you should use word “telegram”, “facebook” or “slack” instead of word “email” in the directives above.

Are you concerned that Aigents server may be stealing your private information or even your group communications and re-selling to third-parties like many other services do? We are not doing anything like as the Aigents Privacy Policy explains.

Moreover, Aigents code is Open Source, so one can inspect it and make sure that is is secure and does not implement any of the “you are not a customer, you are the product” tricks known to be done by some of “free” news aggregation and content delivery services. While core Aigents code and Aigents service are free for now, they don’t have hidden charges or eavesdropping functionality. You can even get Aigents code and build and deploy your own server and create your own bots for any of the Messenger platforms supported at the moment.

The other thing that you can do that we will be discussing in the subsequent publications is how to build your own intelligent chat bot capable of text search and information extraction. Stay tuned for Aigents news!



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