Aigents goes Open Source

Aigents Personal Social and Media Analytics platform is made open source.

It has taken long time since 2014, when it has been proposed that Social and Media Analytics have to be unbiased, serving individuals instead of those who want to manipulate the individuals with fake news, reputation gaming and having personal information directly or indirectly taken away from the owners of the information.

Since 2014, we have made long path, implementing platform with algorithms and tools for online information collection and analysis getting it from online media, social networks and blockchains. We have also tried to wrap this platform into the line of personal and server applications, including Aigents Desktop applications for Windows, Aigents Mobile application for Android, and Aigents Server for Clouds. We have been serving the Aigents Web Demo for limited audience of 600+ users during beta testing phase.

However, during all that time, the greatest concern of all our friends, colleagues and partners was about privacy and security. That is, if we are providing personal social media analytics instruments for professionals claiming they will have their privacy protected and information flows clean, we should have a way to assure our audience that there is no backdoors selling the user experience flows to personal data aggregators or directing manipulative content from advertisers or ongoing psychological operations to the users.

The decision that we have made is to have the code open-sourced under MIT license so anyone can not only review our core platform code from security and privacy perspectives, but benefit using our technology in their applications as well. From now, the Aigents suite of applications and services will keep growing on GitHub at

At the moment, only the Aigents Core Platform is available at It includes core Java code, which makes it possible to build server Aigents applications or decentralised networks of Aigents peer-to-peer applications. Also, it includes JavaScript code that may be useful to build Aigents Web front-ends, functionally similar to the one that we serve at or or with extended or limited functionality, depending on your needs. Finally, the Aigents Core Platform contains suite of tests implementing concept of “Baby Turing Test” where Artificial Intelligence system is being examined if it can incrementally extend its functions in the course of interactions with its users.

In the future, we will be extending scope of the open source Aigents applications with Mobile Android application, Aigents Web Analytics Portal and others.

Stay tuned for our news at Aigents Youtube channel, Aigents on Facebook, Aigents on Steemit and surely Aigents on Medium or try Aigents Web Demo now.



Creating personal artificial intelligence and agents of collective intelligence for individuals and small businesses.

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Aigents with Anton Kolonin

Aigents with Anton Kolonin


Creating personal artificial intelligence and agents of collective intelligence for individuals and small businesses.