Aigents Deep Link Inspection

Aigents with Anton Kolonin
2 min readApr 30, 2018


Aigents version 1.2.10 introduces “Deep Link Inspection” (DLI) technology and it can be tried on Aigents Demo web site at

Aigents Deep Link Inspection being tested at page

Shortly, that mean whenever a target pattern is matched on a web page, the page is inspected if there is a relevant hypertext link nearby. If one is found, the link is included in the resulting news feed instead of using link of the matched page itself.

Besides this major improvement, multiple issues and problems of Aigents Active Adaptive Search has been made, so monitoring business-critical information online using custom set of web sources can be easily automated.

Illustration of how Aigents Active Adaptive Search works

See the following video on how to get you private RSS news feed customised to serve your business and personal needs, keeping your privacy protected.

The following work on Aigents platform is expected to be focused on the following features, improvements and changes:

  • Analysis of PDF documents
  • Natural English chat interface
  • Social graph analysis on Medium platform
  • Detection of sentiment in news and comments
  • Deeper analysis of reputation graphs
  • Introduction of non-free services (reason to to start using it for free right now)



Aigents with Anton Kolonin

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