Any Aigents® bot can speak “controlled language”, called Aigents Language. It can be used to pose any directives to the Aigents engine, enter the new knowledge in forms of semantic relationships of query for that knowledge from the internal graph database. However, the “controlled “language” appears not expressive enough for…

Sifting through a sea of information to bring you only relevant topics of interest.

In our last publication, we described how Aigents® can be used to generate, extracted, and aggregated content from random raw news sources such as arbitrary web pages, social media channels on Reddit, Telegram, and forums like Discourse as well as discussion groups on Telegram and Slack.

What’s new?

In the latest Aigents…

Empowering the community with personal social analytics and reputation studies.

The ability to perform personal social analytics and reputation studies within most major online social media platforms are severely limited by API restrictions guided by privacy protection and internal monetisation models where socially-relevant user-generated content is consumed by market analysis and advertisement businesses.

Users who are consuming the features of…

Aigents with Anton Kolonin

Creating personal artificial intelligence and agents of collective intelligence for individuals and small businesses.

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